Fail of an Automatic SLR

November 10, 2009 at 11:53 pm (Hobbies, School)

I”m currently taking a photo class  at San Jose City College for all who Don’t know. Of course, this class requires a camera which uses film (an SLR). I’m currently borrowing a camera from a friend (or more like had his camera but never got to return it), but decided to try my dad’s automatic SLR. It is pretty nice to have an auto-focus lens and being able to set my shutter speed and aperature at a higher and lower range, but i discovered that I get less film counts out of this camera.

The first roll of film I took with this camera did give me less shots, but then the pictures turned out pretty nice. So, going with my gut, used another roll of film sacrificing 2-6 shots for nicer pictures. However, today, when I used p all the shots (18 only this time out of 24….), it had some problems rewinding the film. At first I thought it was actually done rewinding, but seem too quick. It actually got stuck or something. It was stupid of me, but I opened the camera thinking all the film was in the cassette. I was wrong. So probably more than half of my shots were exposed. I had some pretty neat pictures in there from today all ruined.

Sometimes its a pain to lose pictures that may only come once in a lifetime. I feel this way for these shots. I could buy more film to make new shots, but film is pretty expensive (or at least to me). Unless I buy in bulk, then I would be paying between 6-8 dollars per roll. So as of now, I have one roll of film left, but I decided to try to save that last roll for the next class session incase the professor assigns a different theme.

To risk using a better camera or stick with the basic SLR?

Basic SLR




Automatic  (or autofocus) SLR



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Eyes In Depth

November 8, 2009 at 9:37 pm (Hobbies)

Just last month I started another picture blog, except the new one “Eyes in Depth” will be pictures and pictures only. I will still use this blog, but probably not as much. The new picture blog will have random pictures I’ve taken from my DSLR or my SLR camera (which will be back and white).

Eyes In Depth

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Good-bye Van

September 23, 2009 at 1:09 am (cars)

Good-bye to a very special van. I’ve had many great memories with you.

Thank you for helping me pass the driving test.

Thank you for getting me and my friend to L.A. without dying out.

Thank you for providing me and my friends with a sleeping spot before class.

Lastly, thank you for pulling though and doing everything that a van was suppose to do, but better.




1988 Plymouth Voyager


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Spare Change = DSLR Camera

June 24, 2009 at 10:09 pm (Hobbies)

Over the years, pocket change  started to build up in my room from buying fast foods, gifts, or other miscellaneous stuff. I didn’t bother using this change for food or anything else  since I didn’t want to carry some around in my pocket. Most of the time I  relied on dollar bills in my wallet to pay for my goods.

Since I had a late sign up day for SJSU and alot of my upper division classes were filled, I had to take some spare classes to fill in. I decided to take a photos class at SJSU and even minor in it. I’ve always wanted to major or minor in photography, but its not practical. I’d probably struggle hard with money majoring in photos. So I signed up for the class, but the problem was it required a digital SLR camera. The only cameras I own were SLR camers and digital cameras. Seeing I’ve always wanted a DSLR camera anyways, I decided to buy one for my own use and school use. Thanks to Jeff, I was able to look through a variety of DSLR cameras. All were pretty pricey, but I found the a good priced camera, the Nikon D40. Jeff said it was a good beginner camera to start out with, so I decided to purchase it.

Even if it was the cheapest DSLR camera out of the rest, it was still pretty expensive. So I decided to gather up as much money as I can. I didn’t have much in my debit card nor my pickle jar, but thanks to all the change I’ve saved up, it helped pay for it. Here’s a receipt of the change I had:


I was quite surprised on the amount it ended up to be. Also would like to thank Isabelle for helping me to transfer all the change into the coinstar machine. I would’ve been there alot longer if I didn’t get a second pair of hands.

So with this amount of change, it practically help pay off a little more than half the camera. With the money from my pickle jar, money from birthday, and spare change, I was able to purchase the Nikon d40 DSLR camera. Now to wait for its arrival….

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Pretty Awesome Video by Patrick Boivin

May 22, 2009 at 9:10 pm (Video Clips)

This is the same creator of the video, Bumblebee beats Optimus Prime.

Wanted to add this one too. Its a bit weird though. For those who thinks this video is scary (Np, Kevin, etc.), its not.

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SJSU College Semester Finale

May 5, 2009 at 10:43 pm (School)

The semester is coming to an end and work is piling up! One day I decided to write down all the remaining things I have to do for school on my whiteboard since i rarely use that thing. Sucks that I got three finals in one day. I guess that is what I get for having only three days for school and enjoying my Mondays and Fridays off. At least its almost coming to an end. I’m actually more worried about finishing up those essays.

Here’s what I have left:


It is kind of hard to see in some parts and probably doesn’t seem much compared to other peoples’ schedules. I really can’t wait till summer starts so I can finally relax and enjoy my time off. Work hard now then play later!

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Never Get Tired of This Dance

May 5, 2009 at 10:35 pm (Dance, Video Clips)

Carlton Dance.

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A Lovely Gift from my Lovely Girlfriend

May 3, 2009 at 10:55 pm (Gifts)

Recently, I’ve received a lovely gift from my girlfriend and didn’t get to make a post about it yet.  It was given on Thursday, April 30th, which was our first month anniversary. I wanted to say thanks Isabelle and that  I really love it. I’ve always loved gifts that are made since I know it shows their time and effort put into it. Here’s a picture of what Isabelle made me:


Now I have a picture to look at of us whenever I enter my room. Thanks again Isabelle. I simply love it! ❤

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The Longboard Project.

April 14, 2009 at 10:51 pm (Friends, Gifts, Hobbies, Longboards)

A large majority of the time I see students around campus riding their longboards. Each longboard has their different shape, sizes, and colors. Many college students cruise around campus with their longboards enjoying the nice ride before arriving to their next class. So about a month ago or so, I hear Isabelle talking about longboards and wanting one everytime someone with a longboard passes by. I remember Jeff telling me that riding a longboard is a great experince, so I’ve decided to save up some cash to buy Isabelle one. Originally, I was going to jsut buy a premade one, but I thought it would mean more if it was custom made. Also imagining the type of board Isabelle wanted seem pretty sweet. What kind of board was Isabelle thinking about? Well, since she’s Filipino, she wanted the Filipino flag for her board to show her pride for her country. So during that month, I would ask Jeff some questions about the longboard and some recommendations. He showed me different sites and all the parts required to make the longboard. I probably would’ve gotten nowhere without his help. Thanks Jeff.

Also, with Namphuong’s help, I was able to find out what kind of board to get Isabelle since the two talked about it alot. Heres the board type:


MINI Rounded PinTail

So thanks Namphuong for the info. You are a ninja fo sho!

So then after reviewing all the parts needed for the longboard, it was time for me to buy everything, but then there was a problem. At the time, my debit card wasn’t working, so I needed someone with a debit or credit card. Thanks to Khiem, I was able to give him money to buy the necessary parts to make the longboard. So if it weren’t for Khiem, I probably would have ended up delaying this board even longer. Thanks Khiem for the help.

So once I’ve recieved all the materials, I was ready to begin, but sadly I got sick and ended up in the hospital, which delayed even more. Something always delayed me from working on the board, so I figured I as well tell Isabelle about it. Haha she seem very happy about it even if it was unfinished.

Once I got out of the hospital and was feeling better, I started to paint the board. This was my first time painting the board, so I kept messing up. Took awhile till I actually got the colors to look right. Each wait was long since I had to let one color dry before putting on the other colors. The most difficult was putting on the sun. The first time I put on the sun, it turned out quite ugly since the poster board cutting of the sun was really flimsy around the rays.  After I was done with the flag, I made two white  stripes on the other side. Heres how the flag looked so far:

So next, I had to add the coating. This process probably took the longest since I had to do three coatings for each side. I also had to sand it after the third coating, but I may of sanded it too hard since the day I used the grip spray, it caused the stripes to crinkle up and it ended up looking  ugly. So I had to sand off as much of the crinkled stripes as I can and redo the stripes again. After finishing the coating and grip spray the second time, I attached the truck to the board. Luckily Jeff helped me earlier in the week to attach the wheels to the truck. Screwing on the bolts probably took a chunk of time, but not as much as the painting process. Here are the results:







So in the end, I realized its really hard to make a longboard (or at least the first time). It takes a lot of time and effort to make it perfect, but I did find it fun. Perhaps in the future, I can make one for myself and learn from my mistakes from the first attempt. Anyways, hope you love your new board Isabelle! ❤

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Bruce Lee. Vs Iron Man! Awesome stopmotion.

March 21, 2009 at 12:04 pm (Stop-motion, Video Clips)

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